Download Case Clicker 2 Mod Apk Latest Version V2.1.8a – Modded Game

Somewhere in an old abandoned mill, which once provided livelihood to a lot of workers and their families, sounds of bombs blasting and gun shot being fired can be heard. The attackers have only one aim , to create destruction and harm the mankind. With shots being fired, a lot of lives have already been lost from both the sides. Camouflaged by the smoke, the commando is looking for an opportunity to survive and eliminate the attackers once and for all and reach home safely. The commando then sends a message to his commander on his walkie-talkie,

Commando : “Commander come in ! We have been surrounded by the enemies and the chances of survival are very limited. What should we do ?”

Commander: “You have been trained to dominate and eliminate. You are enough for every attacker out there! Just go out there and show these attackers what you are made of! See you at the base camp. Over and out.”

Where every moment is an adventure. When the life is never normal instead of full of never ending thrill and action, its easy to assume that you are listening to a daily routine of a commando. Someone who breathes in suspense, thrill and adventure. There won’t be any one individual who haven’t dreamt himself/herself working as a commando and using guns and grenades to eliminate every attacker

Download Case Clicker 2 V2.1.8a Mod Apk

Download V2.1.8a Mod Apk

Case Clicker 2 : Gameplay and Features

We have already told you that the Case Clicker 2, the perfect shooting game available on the Google Play Store which allows you have an adventurous , thrilling and gripping experience. The game is the perfect mixture of the case simulators from the famous “Counter Strike” and the clicker, giving the player an opportunity to experience the magic of two games in one perfectly crafted game by Hawk Games. The game has everything be it the gambling games or the awesome case openings or the skins and souvenirs to keep you hooked up. The game also has an online mode where the players can compete against each others and exchange and trade amongst themselves. Case Clicker 2 provides the player with levels like the arms deal contracts similar to the real “Counter Strike” game . The game also have a mission system and a souvenirs system where the player can collect souvenirs items. There is a ranking and a private ranking system which ranks players from silver to global elite. You can also sell your skins you have collected for a real price.

If you think that’s all about the game then you are wrong . Apart from the above mentioned mind blowing characteristics, Case Clicker 2 boasts a huge list of eye catching features that will make every gamer’s eyes pop out in astonishment. The Case Clicker 2 has the following features :

  • The game has over 300 updates which means that you won’t get tired of the game so easily. The game guaranteed to keep you hooked up and with the massive 300 updates, the player can face a new challenge almost every day of the year. The game indeed is a huge step ahead of the other shooting games available on the Google Play Store.
  • We have already told you that the game allows you to trade skins over real price money , what if I tell you that there around 800 plus skins out there in the virtual world for you to collect and exchange for a perfect deal.
  • To add to the boasting and the cool factors, Case Clicker 2 also offers around 1000 plus stickers for the player to collect during the game.
  • The game allows you to trade with the fellow players over the only mode. You can exchange guns , cases and even skins amongst yourselves.
  • Most importantly the game gives you an opportunity to customise your collected skins by adding a personal name tag to them .

The Case Clicker 2 is the best game available out there on the Google Play Store for all the shooting games lovers. The game is based on a unique combination of two evergreen games . To add to that , the game is just awesome because of the graphics which guarantee you to take you to the actual real like battle field . The attention to detail by Hawk games has made Case Clicker 2 a fan favourite game which is well supported by all the accolades the game has achieved.

Case Clicker 2 Mod Apk File Details

App Name Case Clicker 2 Mod
Version 2.1.8a
App Size 81 MB
Last Updated 27 April 2018
Android Version Requires 4.0.3 and up
Developer Hawk Games!

What’s more in the Case Clicker 2 Mod Version ?

A game which is so perfect in every dimension , what else would the modified version will offer that will make us change our minds and download the Case Clicker 2 Mod from the download link provided below and not from the Google Play Store. Well! There is always room for more. The Case Clicker 2 game MOD provides you with an access to unlimited cases, money and keys. You can open the cases without waiting for a particular level to get them unlocked or you can purchase any gun or weapon without worrying about the cost. The modified version offers the player everything that will make sure that you have no worries and no barrier while playing the game.

Minimum Requirements To Play The Game:

  • A latest android device with an android version of 5.0 or the newest android .
  • The much important download link to the Case Clicker 2 Mod Apk app.
  • For a smooth experience, a high speed data connection.

How To Download & Install The Case Clicker 2 Mod Apk?

Everyone of you must have seen a large number of link available on the very vast internet but the problem is that not all of them function. Majority of the links available on the internet offer access to the older links which provide an older non functional version of the Case Clicker 2. The other links are spam links which allow viruses to enter and disrupt the working of your android devices. Thinking to download from the Google Play Store but that’s just the plain old version. We are here to solve this crisis. The link which shall provide is guaranteed to perform and give you an access to the latest Case Clicker 2 Mod where you can open unlimited cases and shop anything without worrying about the cost.

Installation Process:

  • First, all you have to is to click on the download link provided below. As soon as you will click on the link , you shall see a warning message link this:

Download Mod Apk V2.1.8a

  • Click “yes” and then the download shall begin.

  • As soon as the download finishes, you shall be taken to the installation page there all you have to do is click “install”.

  • Let your phone do the rest! Once the installation is finished, click open and you shall be redirected to an awesome gaming experience.

Enjoy the latest MOD version of the Case Clicker 2 app where you get a superb advantage of unlimited cases which can be opened and the very important freedom to shop anything you like.

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